South Coast Contracting Group, Inc. believes that successful completion of all construction jobs are done by having all share expertise, resources and the common goal of a successful project execution. South Coast Contracting believes that teamwork is the key to success whether you are a partnership, joint venture, architect, developer or subcontractor. We deliver the best results by working together.

South Coast Contracting partnership opportunities include:

  • Architects and Engineers for Design Build Projects
  • Developers
  • Joint Ventures
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Subcontracting

No one company possess all characteristics that certain projects require. In forming of partnerships and joint ventures we are able to pull strengths together to create a unique team and allows for the following advantages:

Sharing Assets - Creating a joint venture allows the participants to share their collective tangible and intangible assets in pursuit of a common goal.

Sharing Expertise and Experience - By forming a joint venture, the parties can share management experience and expertise, industry knowledge, technological capabilities and any other expertise or experience necessary to the business.

Sharing Costs - Another key benefit of entering into a joint venture is sharing costs. Joint ventures often allow their participants to undertake a venture that neither could afford independently.

Sharing Business Risk - A joint venture enables the participants to share the business risk of creating a new product or service or entering into or expanding a business

Access to New Markets - Forming a joint venture can enable the participants to access geographic or high-growth markets that they would not otherwise have access to individually. The parties may also pool their access to suppliers or customers.